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Selling/Trading CLAMP goods

This is a community dedicated to the buying, selling and trading of CLAMP goods! You can also post here to look for any CLAMP stuff you might be looking for!

Open membership.

Please post only CLAMP merchandise or related items (such as doujinshi, cosplay, or magazines with significant content).
- A post that does not contain any CLAMP-related items will be deleted.
- If your entry directs buyers to a sales journal with multiple items/series, please list at least one of the CLAMP items/series you are selling.

Wanted posts are also allowed, as long as they are CLAMP-related.

The use of tags is encouraged, such as what series your item is from and what it is (i.e., cardcaptor sakura, posters, etc.).

All sales/trades are the sole responsiblity of those involved.

Good luck with your sales and trades! ^__^